GKC Geoscience LLC provides a wide range of products and services in science education and promotion.  Special projects are developed on a contract basis, and on-line sales channeled through existing retailers.  Professional services are offered under the GKC Geoscience moniker, while retail products are marketed under the conqueror bristleworm (TM) brand.


  • Retail products under the conqueror bristleworm brand:
    • Gifts and promotional items are currently offered at our Zazzle storefront
    • Books will be published as Kindle Books (our first title, the novel Nereis, Nereis, is now available)
    • Apps will be offered through the Android and Apple on-line stores
  • Professional Services offered by GKC Geoscience
    • Geology-themed tours of the Northern Arizona landscape offered through the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Ventures Program
    • Public lectures
    • Classroom presentations
    • Teacher training

Images posted on our website may be downloaded for free and used for educational purposes (with proper attribution); or licensed for commercial purposes.

GKC Geoscience LLC is a proud sponsor of the CocoNuts, the Coconino High School Robotics Team.  Go Nuts!