Grand Falls Trip March 29, 2015

With only about 15 cfs discharge the falls were absolutely beautiful yesterday. The water was crystal clear, which makes for excellent contrasts against the rocks of the Kaibab Limestone. Also no wind, and excellent lighting conditions. Good stuff!

20150329_102502 DSC_0065

Always good to have a sense of adventure on these expeditions. With the help of the folks on the MNA Ventures Tour who went with me we eventually figured out how to change the tire on a Ford Escape hybrid!


Holuhraun eruption, Iceland update

My favorite volcanic eruption is still chugging away. There’s relatively little earthquake activity under the fissure, so it looks like magma is flowing smoothly through the conduit:

3-D seismic Nov 14 8-ten PM-cropped


The big surprise is that this eruption is pumping out 35,000 tonnes of sulfur dioxide per day! Check out this link to a summary of a paper published in Nature on October 30, 2014:

This is a shot of the fissure eruption from that article:

Holuhraun eruption Nature posted Oct 28 2014

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Overflight

Got it! Incredible opportunity to see a fissure eruption in action. With my YouTube videos I try to put together a coherent story, rather than just throwing up raw footage. Takes a little longer, but hopefully more useful to viewers. This video documents not just my flight footage for the Holuhraun eruption, but also dike injection, and how Icelandic scientists monitor the volcano remotely using a high density seismic record. The video includes information current through the end of September, 2014.

Off to Iceland — what timing!

Dr. C is off to Iceland for a National Geographic hiking tour the first week of September 2014. How’s that for timing! Right on cue earthquake swarms under Bárðarbunga Volcano indicate that magma is on the move. Nature has posted a very nice summary of the information available as of August 20, including this map of seismic activity.


Bæring Gunnar Steinþórsson, an Icelandic programmer, has created a 3-D visualization of earthquakes at the volcanic site which is continuously updated. Looks like at least a few of the quakes are only 2 km or so in depth. Exciting stuff!


Nereis, Nereis — now available in more formats

Nereis, Nereis, the sci-fi novel I just finished with Frank Gaik, is now available through Smashwords:

My Smashwords profile page

Nereis, Nereis Smashwords page

Through Smashwords, Nereis, Nereis should be available as an iBook in the next week or two.  Depending on how well the e-publications do, we may come out with a paperback version later this summer.


Red Mountain and Strawberry Crater Ventures Tour

Sunday, May 18th I’ll be leading a tour of Red Mountain and Strawberry Crater, two extinct volcanoes near Flagstaff.Red Mountain Amphitheater

Before the trip, please have a look at my video introduction to the cinder cones of the San Francisco Peaks Volcanic Field:

The USGS Fact Sheet The San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona is available as a free download:

The USGS Fact Sheet Red Mountain Volcano — A Spectacular and Unusual Cinder Cone in Northern Arizona is also available at:

For Strawberry Crater the most detailed information is still the Master’s Thesis submitted by Richard Harwood at Northern Arizona University.  Harwood has posted the thesis on his web site.  Chapter 2 contains the description of Strawberry Crater:

Since Harwood completed the thesis new methods have been used to date the age of the eruption of Strawberry Crater.  The latest dating indicates that the volcano is 130,000 plus or minus 40,000 years old (Morgan et al. 2003), as opposed to the original date of 51,000 plus or minus 46,000 years determined back in the 1970’s (Damon et al. 1974).

Nereis, Nereis – our first sci fi novel is now available!

Marine biology meets genetic engineering. What could possibly go wrong? Follow Dr. Catalina Marsh and her crew from the Monterey Bay Aquarium as they race against time to discover why dead sea otters keep washing up on the beach in this character-driven, hard science fiction journey into the brave new world of epigenetics. A mysterious lab, a missing billionaire, a seedy looking journalist, ominous threats, disturbing discoveries, and, of course, a love triangle of epic proportions — there’s never a dull moment on the Central California coast! If you like stories in which it’s hard to tell where the science ends and the fiction begins, this might just be your cup of tea.

Currently available on Kindle Books, we’re working on versions for the Nook and iBooks. Don’t forget that if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reader for your PC, Mac, iPad or Android device.

Download your copy here:

Nereis cover version 3_jpg-condensed